We are insiders in the education sector, with many years of experience in development, guidance and internationalisation of successful education companies, so we understand the contents and organisation of the education business, and know its success parameters. We work exclusively with projects in the education market, giving sound advice on the area we know best.


We make full use of our knowledge of the sector, our database of education providers, and our focus on long-term success of education companies to guarantee 

  • our commitment to a win/win/win situation, achieving harmony between the interests of buyer, seller and education company;
  • right positioning of the education company and its synergy potentials in the market;
  • our commitment with experienced management teams and experts, ensuring the best possible further development of the education company;
  • professional approach, sensitive handling of corporate cultures, corporate values and market potentials;
  • sound evaluation, drafting of balanced contracts, and absolute confidentiality in all phases of consulting and transaction.